Meet Sensus3D

Our Story

Sensus3D was founded with the purpose of bringing to the market top of the line simulators that combine the most innovative technologies available for learning, at an accessible price for all institutions. With more than 5 years of experience, Sensus3D changes the training world by offering specialized training, reaching more people, and reducing mal-praxis in a broad array of procedures.

Our Vision

Standardize training methods in medicine and surgery, through specialized simulators that define at a global scale the bases for a correct procedure, reducing risks and costs in surgeries or other industrial procedures.

Our Team

Our Technology

Haptic Simulators

Because life, and surgical simulators, are not only about seeing. We like the hands on approach, haptic feedback adds a new level of interaction and learning for the user.

No Hardware Dependency

Our simulator does not need to change hardware to simulate different scenarios. Anything you can build in a virtual world can be simulated. And the best part is that it is not necessary to go around buying expensive equipment every time you want a new simulation.

SD3K Sensus3D Development Kit

The S3DK is built over the Unity3D Platform, and makes developing realistic haptic simulations easier than ever. It also plans to incorporate machine learning, to build automatic correction systems and electronic brains capable of performing surgeries.

Sensus Online Store

Upload, share, rate, improve, download. All these things and more are available in the first online store for simulations.


Sensus I



Contact us to try our free trial S3DK development kit for Unity3D!


API documentation where you will find references to all the classes available in the S3DK.


S3DK wiki is a great place to get started. It is full of documentation and examples of how to dig into the S3DK, which is updated frequently. Contact us to get immediate access.


Get in Touch!

We are constantly looking for new clients to work with. If you want to test our product, or build a new simulation with us, we are waiting for you!

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